“I didn’t want to give up a whole weekend to take my ACLS certification course, so I really appreciated that First Response program allowed me to study when I wanted and take the test when I was ready”

Amanda S., New York

“The study materials made it easy for me to pass the exam on the first try. I was never a good test taker in school, but I just studied the info that First Response provided, and the test was no sweat.”

Rhonda G., Texas

“I was only doing an ACLS recertification, and I thought I knew everything. I breezed through the material, took the test…and failed. I appreciate the fact that First Response showed me what I got wrong. Thanks First Response!

Robert S. Washington

“Thank you guys for an easy, painless way to get my ACLS recertification. The practice tests really helped. Now I’m recertified, and I didn’t ever have to pay a baby sitter!”

Stephen L., Missouri


Terms and Conditions

First Response National Healthcare Training is committed to providing a quality training and certification program for those individuals who seek to master ACLS and PALS techniques. We offer customers the ability to take an exam and earn a certificate card that confirms they have successfully passed our certification program. While our training materials and exam curriculum are based on the most current American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines, tthe AHA does not endorse our or any other program that can be completed entirely from a computer.

First Response National Healthcare Training does not accept any responsibility or liability in the event that a graduate from our program provides unsatisfactory or negligent care resulting in the injury or death of a patient. While we believe in the merits of our training program, we make no claims that graduation from our course can prevent human errors.

Applicants who purchase and/or complete any of our certification programs accept full responsibility for their actions, including but not limited to negligent or unsatisfactory action, when applying the training provided by First Response National Healthcare Training.

First Response National Healthcare Training provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for individuals who have purchased any of our products and can provide proof of purchase. If, for any reason, a customer is not satisfied after purchasing any of our products, they may contact us for a full refund prior to completing the exam. Those who complete the exam cannot request a refund for their purchase. It is the responsibility of the individual to determine if their employer will accept our ACLS and/or PALS certification or recertification before completing the course.

For any questions related to these terms or more, please Contact Us.